Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Innocent Prayer........

Little Boy Praying during New Year's eve:

O Lord, in this New Year please send clothes for all those poor ladies in Dad's computer....

Source: a fwd msg....

Wishing u all a very happy n a prosperous new year....

Monday, December 29, 2008

The First Time........

From the time we are born till we die, so many things comes and go in our life....they can be good, they can be bad..
Each and every thing happens in our life for the first time..

First school , First college,
First bike , First love,
First date , First job,
First salary, First suspension,
the list is endless....there is always the first time for each and everything that happens in our life....whether good or bad....

All such moments are very special in our life....But how many of us get time to cherish all the memories and incidents that had happened with us at some phase of our life and in some cases even changed our life????

Monday, December 15, 2008

One fine sunday evening, i went for shopping......

I could have never imagined that shopping would be so difficult. I had a tough time last week. I know girls are crazy when it comes to shopping but believe me people, shopping for them can be crazier.

It so happened that I decided to give something to one of my friends on her birthday. But I couldn’t think of anything so I asked one of my colleagues to help me out with this. She suggested many things like a cap, cosmetics, artificial jewelry. I didn’t like any of these.. Then she suggested that I could gift chocolates. I wanted to give something useful so it didn’t work out either. Then she said I could give tops or a t-shirt. I said t-shirt is ok but what are tops. She gave me a look as if I am an alien from some outer planet. She was like “You are so dumb”. Now what is my fault if I don’t know the difference between tops and a t-shirt. She then briefed me about the difference.

Now my this colleague happens to live in Koromangala near Forum mall. I asked her for a favor of buying a t-shirt for my friend. She said she is very busy so cannot go. So now I have 2 go and get it on my own. I asked one of my friends to accompany me to the Forum mall. So one fine Sunday evening we went there to buy a girls t-shirt . My friend who was accompanying me was also a nerd. He also didn’t know anything about girls wear. I gave him the gyaan that I got from my colleague about the difference between tops and t-shirt .

We first entered into a Reebok showroom.
Salesman- “may I help you sir?”
Me- “I want a t-shirt”
Salesman-“here it is sir” (Directing me to the men section)
Me- “No. I want it for my friend”
Salesman- (giving me a strange look)”No problem sir. You can select one for your friend also.”
Me- “No….actually….a…I mean….my friend is a girl”
Salesman- (smiles at me) “fine sir. Here it is.” (Directing me to the ladies section.. I still wonder what that smile was for!!!!)
I saw few t-shirts. This was the first time in my life that I was checking out a girls section. Didn’t like any. Came out and went to the next showroom.

This one had a huge collection of dresses. There were already many girls with their friends and moms checking out the dresses. We both were the only guys in there. We felt uncomfortable and came out and entered the third one. This one had t-shirts with slogans on it. The slogans were like “drop her, pick me”, “ur gf is a bitch”, “all men are idiots, and I married their king”, “i have horrible taste coz i like you”, “don’t stare u asshole”. Now I have seen guys t-shirts with crappy slogans but these were too much. Who will buy t-shirts like this!!!!. We left that one also and went 2 another one. Like this we checked some 6-7 showrooms but couldn’t select any.

It was then we went to Scullers. By that time I had opened up a little. I went to the salesgirl and said that I want a girls t-shirt. She showed me few t-shirts and by Gods grace I finally selected one. It was then the salesgirl dropped a bomb on me.
Salesgirl- “Sir what size do you want?”
ME- “WHAT??”
Salesgirl- “Sir, size??”
Me- “(shit!!) I…I…don’t know the size.”
Salesgirl- “Is she my size?”
It was then I looked at her from top to bottom. She was in her early 20’s. I kept staring at her. She was so pretty. I was lost somewhere. It was then my friends voice bought me back to this world. I heard him saying “abey laddu..kya kar raha hai..hosh mein aa.”

I somehow regained my senses and saw the salesgirl giving me a weird look.
Me- “ummm….what’s your size?”
Salesgirl- “(giving me a dirty look) Its S.”
Me- “Ok. Give me M.”

When I came out of the showroom I was thinking of what I just did. I was standing in front of the salesgirl, staring her like that and then I actually asked her size. Shit man….what an experience I had that day. And my friend vowed never to come to shopping with me as long as he is alive……….

Friday, December 5, 2008

The Precious Stone....

One day a farmer was digging his field to sow the beans. Suddenly he found something in the ground. It was a precious stone. He was very happy and excited in getting something like this. He took it out, finished his work and sat down under the tree to have his lunch. He thought that now he will pay off all his debts and will buy his own field. While he was about to start having his lunch, a man came near him and asked for some food and water. The farmer offered him his food and they both sat down and had lunch together.

Suddenly the man noticed the precious stone with the farmer and asked him about it. The farmer told him how he got it. When he finished, that man said that he is very poor and is under debt and if he sells the stone he can live a comfortable life and thus asked farmer for his stone. To his surprise, the farmer unhesitatingly gave him the stone. He took the stone and went away.

After sometime, that man again visited the farmer. He said “I was lying that day. I am a businessman and when I saw the stone with you I thought that if I can get your stone, I can sell it and put the money into my business. But I was thinking about it all the time. I thought I had taken the most precious thing from you but later I realized that you have something even more precious then this stone. I came back to take that thing from you”.

Hearing this, the farmer went down of his knees and said with folded hands “I don’t have anything more precious then what I gave you. I am just a simple and poor farmer. I gave you all that I had.”

To this, the man said “You have that thing my friend. That thing is within you. I want that thing from you which enabled you to give me such precious stone.”

well well well....What i have just said belongs to the ideal world. But lets talk about the real world where every other person is eyeing on others stuffs and belongings like the businessman but is not ready to give it back, neither there is anyone like the farmer who is ready to give up everything to some stranger. What i am trying to say is that though we cant be like them, still to some extent we can make some difference in this society . Afterall this is our place and we have to clean it and make it good just like our home. But the problem is we don't consider this society as our home. The day we will start doing this, it will be a much better place to live in. Well i can just hope that it will happen one day and wishes that day to come soon........