Sunday, October 25, 2009

I refuse to grow up....

We all are actors wearing masks and pretending to be someone we are not. This might be hard to accept for us but yes, this is the truth. We are someone else when we are with our parents/relatives pretending to be all decent, we jump into some other character when we are with our gf/bf pretending to be loyal and faithful, when with elders/teachers/colleagues we are the one who is trying to present himself as mature and intelligent. I am not saying that one is not decent, loyal, mature or intelligent that he needs to pretend all the time but we cant disregard the fact that we have done this at some point of our life or still do or will do in future. One thing I understand that may be we pretend because we try to create a good impression on others.

But not with friends. We can be ourselves in front of our friends(I mean really good friends). With friends we need not to fear about creating any impression because they know us well. If we are 30 but still a kid by heart, we can show our true side to our freinds which cannot be the case with others who will consider us immature if we do so but our friends won't because they know us and understand us well. Afterall this is what friends are for- you can be as stupid as you want to be, as childish as you want to be, do whatever you feel like. There is a child in all of us but yes we would be considered immature if we show our childish behaviour to others and here is when friends come to our rescue. We won't be considered immature if we behave like that in front of our friends. Ofcourse we should know how to present ourself when we are with other people. We cannot afford to be called immature by others. What matters is how we put our views to others. One can argue that you are 30 and a kid by heart so how can you present yourself as a mature person in front of others so here I would like to say that being 30 and a kid by heart is different from being 30 and a kid by mind. Altough you are a kid by heart, your mind which is mature enough will eventually stop you from acting as a kid in front of others and the same mind will set you free to be what you are when you are with your friends.

Many a times we deprive ourselves with small-small things which we love to do and which gives us happiness like blowing in a glass full of juice through straw and creating bubbles, dancing in the rain, playing a silly prank which can make others laugh, hop on a swing and sway till we have forgotten all our worries, licking a cone icecream, hog on to chocolates. We deprive ourselves of hapiness because we know that we are mature and we are not supposed to act in such a way in front of others but there is no need to deprive ourselves with such happiness in front of our friends. I ask in this fast-forward life when we have no time for anything, when emotions and happiness have no place in life, when the life is just limited to home-office-home, if we find little happiness by being a kid or doing what you feel like in front of your close friends, what is wrong in it? I act in front of others but don't want to do the same when I am with friends.I don't know about others but I don't want to grow up at the cost of happiness. I value happiness more than anything else and thus in front of my pals I refuse to grow up.

Friday, October 2, 2009

I Love You Jaanu....

No, no people please don’t get me wrong. I am perfectly normal, have not fallen in love or anything worthless like that. It’s just that these days I am seeing certain things which I feel are very awkward/farcical/nonsensical and which prompted me to write about it.

I happened to waste my time on a certain book which was full of such nonsensical stuffs.
In that book two people were deeply and madly in love with each other and they call each other lovingly by names- not the normal ones but the absurd ones like “jaanu”, “coochie-pie”, “sweetie-pie” and lots of other pies along with “darling”, “baby”. Also, they never happen to talk in a normal way. They used things like “Is my baby awake”, “My coochie-pie; have you finished your lunch/dinner?”, “Mera baby kya kar raha hai”, “I miss you jaanu” followed by “I love you jaanu” in their normal conversations. Now who the hell in the world talk like this????

Its ok you are in love but I can’t understand the fun of calling him/her “my baby, coochie-pie” etc. Can’t they just talk in a normal way?? I then thought it’s just that psycho writer who wrote all this crap until I came across those couples who actually talk in this fashion. It so happened that one of my friends was very happy one day. I asked him the reason- he said “today my gf had called me shona”. I asked him what it means to which he replied that it’s just a fun way of calling your beloved. It’s not that I don’t like love stories-I am a big movie buff, but still I just can’t digest the idea behind “sweetie-pie and coochie-pie”.

I was discussing this with one of my friends and he said it is pretty normal for people to do such stuffs when they are in love and he backed his statement with the messages in his Inbox. Those were from his gf. (Hope you all understand what types of messages were those)
He went on to the extent by saying that one day I will also do all such things when I will be actually in love or when I will get engaged. (How dare he!!)
I can never imaging myself getting indulged in such things. Yuck,yuck,yuck!!!!