Tuesday, July 27, 2010


“Have you gone crazy!! I have no ego issues. “shouted Kshitij at the top of his voice.

Really!! You don’t like hearing a ‘no’ for an answer, you don’t like borrowing money from your friends even when you need it, you don’t like going on a friend’s treat because you have never treated them and still you say you have no ego issues. Small-small things define your attitude towards life and you have a very high self esteem. Self esteem = not hearing ‘no’ = ego. Well this may not be always true but it is in your case.

Navya’s words kept Kshitij wondering. He met her some 2 years back and they became very good friends. Navya was a very helpful, sweet and friendly girl and Kshitij was always there by her side whenever she needed him, he can do anything to help her, to be with her. They both share a passion for food, both can hog like pigs, they were hogging buddies. They had nothing else in common except for this one more thing – ego. They both have ego issues. Navya always knew that she is suffering from this disease, Kshitij didn’t; but Navya could always see the symptoms of this disease in him. It was she who made him realize this. Their friendship lasted for some two years. They fought a lot in those two years and also spend some very good moments together. No matter how much they fight, in the end they were good friends.

Things changed one day. They again fought with each other on some stupid issue, but this time the fight was different. This was their last fight as they never fought after that and this was because they never remained friends after that. It was the ego that came in their way and eventually they both stopped talking to each other, stopped having lunch with each other. Navya left India after 2 months. Kshitij couldn’t even say goodbye to her as he had to go to his home around the time Navya was leaving India. He didn’t even meet her before going home and by the time he came back, Navya was gone.

It has been three years now. They had never spoken to each other since their last fight. Kshitij could never forget his friend and the same was with Navya. They both liked each other so much and were such good fiends but could not speak again. They often wonder at the power of this ego which has separated two good friends with such an ease, their ego was even bigger then their friendship. They know it’s just an ego that is coming in between their friendship, yet they made no effort to make any amendments; they are still suffering from this disease. Such is the power of this ego.

May be one day they will find a cure to this disease and will realize what all they have been losing all these years and then they will be friends again, that will be the day they will realize that life is so short and one cannot afford to waste it on stupid things like this. One day.... some day.....

After writing this story I realized how difficult it is to write fiction. Kudos to all those people out there who write fiction with such an ease.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Should I really celebrate??

I still remember the day - 28th July, 2008. There were some 20 other people like me in the lounge of the Executive Inn, dressed in formals, waiting for the cab to come. A mixed feeling of excitement and happiness could be seen on everyone’s face. In a few days it will be 28th July again. It has been two years since then. Things have changed a lot in these two years. The feeling of excitement, happiness has long lost its place and commotion, confusion has taken over. I don’t know whether I should celebrate or I should curse myself on completing 2 years in this place. Just within a few months of joining I realized that this is not the place for me. I was never meant to be here; still I am here for the past two years. Since then I have been trying to get out in vain. I am still not sure what to do. Despite of the dislike I am still here, this place is fun even though everything here except a few people sucks. But it's not fun any more as friends are leaving this place and going. The force that was bonding me to this place is now breaking. Coming months are going to be very tough now. Have to think of something fast; very fast. I will be completing two years in this place in a few days but there is no excitement anywhere. So should I really celebrate?? Well I don't see any reason to do so.