Monday, February 18, 2013

Bad vs. Good

I always knew that I am not good in reasoning or arguing with people. And if the person is high on Old Monk, it becomes almost impossible for me to argue or reason with him. One such incident happened with me recently. Now this friend of mine liked a girl, poured his heart out to her through a mail, started talking to her for hours and went to her city to meet her and finally screwed up and now is not even friends with her. The girl has cut him off from her life and doesn’t even want to be friends with him. He drank a full bottle of Old Monk and what happened next can be read below.

L: I want to become a bad man.

Me: Why, what will you achieve with it?

L: I will achieve true love, friendship and everything that I couldn’t achieve by being a nice guy.

Me: WDF!! How will you achieve that by being a bad person?

L: You #@%^$&$*. Let me explain it to you in detail.

Bad Person: He does whatever he wants to do. He can look straight into your eyes and can say lies in such a way that you will be totally convinced by him. He can make girls go weak on their knees by his lies and false promises and once the innocent girls fall for him, he can take full advantage of them, abuse them and in the end leave them. He has no self conscious, no self esteem and no guilt feeling. He does not feel or care about others, he does not care about how others would feel or how badly would others lives be affected by his actions. He just lives for himself, can indulge in all sorts of pleasure, can get high whenever he wants without caring about his health or other things as a matter of fact, can easily spoil other innocent souls and can make friends who can die for them. A bad person lives life king size. He fears nothing. He does not care if someone cuts him out of his life as he doesn’t value people and can always find a substitute. He does not live long, he will have a short life span of some 30-35 years but no matter how short his life is, he lives a complete and content life. Since he does not care about others, he never gets the need of crying for others, his eyes are never teary. He does not care about his family; does not care about earning or saving money, life a free life and eventually die. Even if his life span is short, his life isn’t. All through his life, he does everything he wants to do. His actions may be wrong in the eyes of other people but for him whatever he is doing is the only correct thing to do and what others are doing is wrong. Since he has no morals, no principles, no guilt factor, no responsibilities, no remorse of any sort, no feelings, he lives a burden free and happy life.

Good Person: He lives a miserable and pathetic life which lasts for some 65-70 years. All through his life he is worried about his family, slogs like a dog and saves money for his family and amongst all these things, he forgets his likes and dislikes and just lives for his parents, kids and wife. He has immense guilt factor and whenever he does something wrong or bad to someone, he feels sorry for it his entire life. He always craves for true love and friendship and if he does a couple of mistakes – which he is bound to do as he is a mere mortal and not God, no matter how sorry he feels about it, he ends up losing his friends. He has an immense self esteem and guilt feeling and regrets a lot if he knowingly/unknowingly harms someone. His eyes will be always teary on remembering the not-so-good things he had done to others, on remembering the mistakes he had done which made him lose his friends. All through his life he suffers a lot and when he becomes old, his health deteriorates, he worries about his kids and grand kids and if his wife passes away before him kicking the bucket, he is left all alone in the world. For him the pain becomes unbearable when he couldn’t get the girl he loves but since the girl is an awesome person, a genuine and a true friend, he wishes to be friends with her for the next 50 years of his life but ultimately ends up being cut off from her life as he had committed some mistakes due to which he does not remain worthy of being friends with her irrespective of the fact that he deeply regrets his actions. He is never given a second chance to prove himself and he is never remembered for the good things he has done to others but is always remembered for the one or two goof-ups which categorize him as an extremely cheap person.

L: Now you know why I want to be a bad person. But it’s too late to change myself now. So I have decided that in this life I will be a very nice and good person, will do good to others and when I will die, I will ask God that in return of all my good deeds grant me one wish and I will wish that in my next life I should be born as a very bad person. We all have to die so it’s better to be a bad person and live life king size and die at 35 rather than be a nice person and slog till 70 and die a miserable life.

I was left dumbstruck and got scared a bit because for a moment I actually started wondering whether all that he was saying might actually be true!!!! But then sanity prevailed and may be the next day when he will be sober, I will try to put some sense in his coconut.