Thursday, September 10, 2009

An idle mind is devils workshop!

This week I had no work in office; the code is being pushed into production so it’s kind of cool this week. (This means I will have to slog next week when I will get production issues :(:( )
So since I had nothing to do in office I was simply spending my time browsing, watching movies and thinking weird things. I have a few questions whose answers I don’t know.

1) Why do PETA volunteers generally have to pose nude to save animals?
I have seen in newspapers, various ad campaigns that they strip down for the cause. I just can’t understand the need to do so.

2) Why Dracula always craves for the blood of young and pretty girls?
All the movies I have seen, all the novels I have read about Dracula, this one thing is common in all. Everywhere Dracula was craving for the blood of young and pretty girls. I just can’t understand what is wrong in the blood of guys that he is not at all fond of it.

3) Why is money everything in this world?
Why do we begin our day with an urge to earn money and end our day with an urge to earn more money? Why is it above all relations, above everything?

Look what happens when imagination goes wild. It gives birth to such weird questions which finally takes the form of a post. That's why it is said "An idle mind is devils workshop"

BTW I will be glad if anyone answers to my questions.

Disclaimer: The author has nothing against PETA. It's just a weird thought that popped up in my mind.