Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Journey Begins................

I joined my company in the last week of July. I had just finished my college and like several others, have entered into a totally different world.

Before joining , I was thinking all the time about how this new world will treat me, how will the people here be. Suddenly things have changed a lot.
Classrooms became training rooms and now cubicles , friends have become colleagues(the word sometimes sounds so heavy!!) and pocket money is transformed into salary.

The first day when I came to office ,just like any other fresher I was dressed nicely in formals. We had induction session for few days .We were told that the dress should be decent, not necessarily formals.First few days we were given soft skill training. Then the technical training started which lasted for a month. Initially everyone was very attentive in the training, but later all came back to their college habits. Chatting in class, sleeping and playing games when the trainer was teaching was our daily routine.As usual, in training also I was a back bencher just like in college.

We also have tests after each sessions. We needed 70% to clear the tests. Initially we all wondered how we would manage to do it because in college we had to struggle a lot to pass and that too when the pass criteria was just 35% and here it was 70%.It seemed like an impossible task to complete. The first test went really bad. Many people flunked in that test.Then we thought that we have to do something about it.Like this toh we can even loose our jobs.We somehow have to pass the tests.So we developed a new way of copying. See we are techies so have to come up to something, so what if we are so-called-engineers.We zeroed in on using mobile technology to copy in tests.The other tests went on well and we somehow managed to pass in all using mobile technology.

Then came the big day in our lives. It was the last working day of the month ie. the salary day. Our trainer was telling some crap in java.As usual, nobody was listening to him. Who the hell cares about java and that too at the time when we were expecting our 1st salary. We were again and again checking our accounts to see whether the salary had been credited in our accounts or not.Finally someone shouted "hum hazaar pati ban gaiye".We got our 1st salary. The next two days were Saturday and Sunday ie. no office. A good part of the salary was spent in these two days. We went shopping, we partied, we enjoyed like anything.

We were still in a college mood and we all got belted for this. It happened during the Showcase event. Our company had called one guy (dont even remember his name) to give some Gyan about the market trend (as if we care).It was a damn boring lecture so we started talking and laughing among ourselves, not listening anything. Later we realized that it is not our college anymore and we need to improve on our behaviour. I was cracking the crappiest pj's to one of my friend sitting next to me and she was laughing on them like anything.It so happened that HR ppl noticed us. I was doing my training in some other building so they couldn recognize me but my friend was in the same building for the training so HR ppl know her.They gave her name to the director. The director called her and scolded her like anything. I had a narrow escape. Next time again we had some stupid event and I asked her to sit next to me. She gave me such a look that she will hang me to death if I even went near her in the event.

Then the next week our training got over and we were put into our respective teams. It was good to see that the people here were very friendly and helpful.Work environment is also cool. We dont have restrictions of any sort (we can access orkut,youtube from the office). And now we all have started working on our respective projects. We all have the josh and want to give our 100% in our work. But I am very much sure that this is the same one week josh that we always use to have in the beginning of a new semester after screwing the previous one badly.Lets see what future has in store for us.


Quaintzy Patchez said...

Arrey waah dost, tum bhi aa gayi blogging karne??

Badhiya hai yaar! :D i liked that office incident... likhte rahiyo!

laddu said...

nahi yaar....aaj to bas aise hi josh char gaya to kuch-kuch likh diya..yeh wahi 1-2 hafte waala josh hai..:P

shikta said...

is josh ko at least blogging ke liye barkaraar rakhne ;-)
good effort :)

BICKEY said...

cool ya....i just recalled each n everything we did during training....dat was sooo much fun yaar....