Thursday, September 10, 2009

An idle mind is devils workshop!

This week I had no work in office; the code is being pushed into production so it’s kind of cool this week. (This means I will have to slog next week when I will get production issues :(:( )
So since I had nothing to do in office I was simply spending my time browsing, watching movies and thinking weird things. I have a few questions whose answers I don’t know.

1) Why do PETA volunteers generally have to pose nude to save animals?
I have seen in newspapers, various ad campaigns that they strip down for the cause. I just can’t understand the need to do so.

2) Why Dracula always craves for the blood of young and pretty girls?
All the movies I have seen, all the novels I have read about Dracula, this one thing is common in all. Everywhere Dracula was craving for the blood of young and pretty girls. I just can’t understand what is wrong in the blood of guys that he is not at all fond of it.

3) Why is money everything in this world?
Why do we begin our day with an urge to earn money and end our day with an urge to earn more money? Why is it above all relations, above everything?

Look what happens when imagination goes wild. It gives birth to such weird questions which finally takes the form of a post. That's why it is said "An idle mind is devils workshop"

BTW I will be glad if anyone answers to my questions.

Disclaimer: The author has nothing against PETA. It's just a weird thought that popped up in my mind.


bhavana said...

1) PETA follows animals. Animals don't wear clothes and so PETA also follows the same.
2) Draculas are straight.
3) Money isn't everything. There are credit cards too.

ab samjhe buddu??

Samskruthi said...

Hey Laddu,

U could have discussed these things with ur best friend (C'M'S (hope u understood ;)). You would have got the best answers and never in your life u would dare to think these questions ;)

Samskruthi said...

That was a good one Bhavana :)

laddu said...

@ bhavana....
1)PETA is the animal rights organization. It does not follow animals, it fights for their rights and I cant see the need of stripping down and fighting for animals rights.
2)Wow yaar..its amazing 2 c dat even after becoming dracula dey r sexually active..r werewolves also da same??
3)yeah right..dere r credit cards, master cards....

No its ok. I dont want to go mad. I am happy if I am left unanswered than to getting into that.... :):)

Silent Synkronicity said...

PETA ppl are essentially stupid, dear.

question 2 is related to question 3
pretty girls in dracula movies are money.

as for money, i dont have answer

u knw idleness and booze both make u wonder such things

like that frd of urs... my sister is so great.....

dory the fish said...

- PETA probably does that to get attention (it worked with you no?)..

- Bhavana's right maybe not many gay draculas nowadays..

- I guess because you can buy anything with money (including happiness if you ask me)..

King David said...

1) PETA = Animal Rights = Celebs sans Clothes.
Effectively people with no "terrace" have no "clothes to wear" for "People with no clothes"

2) Women are "Sweet". They like "Sweetmeat".

3) If u have more money, distribute it to people in this blogsite. Tera "TAX" kam hoga

laddu said...

Yup I agree dat u can buy anything with money, including happiness..
dere is dis dialogue 4m a movie "jo loog kehte hai ki paison se khushi nahi khareedi jaa sakti, woh sahi dukaan pe nahi jaate"
nahi javed bhai....abhi mere paas itta paisa nahi aaya hai ki main logon mein baat dun....:P:P

Mehak said...

1) I think not wearing clothes is a way to draw to more attention and get noticed so maybe thts why..
2) Yeah, dracula is aftr girls becoz he is not interestd in guys! 3) I wonder about this too...but I guess becoz we just live in a very materialistic world!

p.s. ur blog is interesting!