Friday, June 18, 2010

How is IT effecting our lives..

Nope, this post is not at all about the technical stuff neither it has anything to do with the things that are once imaginary but due to the evolution of technology are very much possible now nor am I trying to explain how simple and easy life has become due to the evolution of technology. Instead, I am trying to look at the other aspects of IT, the way we are getting indulged in it and how it has started affecting our daily life.

I had a mixed feeling of happy and sad when I read this article in which people had mentioned about some weird incidences that had happened to them. Happy because I was not alone to experience such a thing, there were others also who were going crazy like me, sad because I was thinking how the future would be if this continues to happen. Anyways who cares about the future. So this is what people have to say, the incidences which can clearly be termed as the side effect of IT.

Once I was on call with my father and mom was not around. I went on to ask, "Why is mom not attending the status call?"

Once after talking to one of my friends I ended the conversation saying.. "ok bye.. in case of any issues will call you back"

While watching TV when I want to check the time, I look at the bottom right corner of my TV for time.

Once late night when I went home after work, I was trying to flash my id card to open the lock and only after few seconds I realized what I am trying to do.

I got a thought of doing an Alt+Tab while switching from news channel to the DVD while watching TV.

When I went to a movie theatre from office directly, I showed the guy at the entrance my ID card and walked in. He had to call me back asking for ticket.

I would like to mention about the conversation I had in a hospital with another techie like me while waiting for our turns to visit the doctor.
N - Hi, I am N.
Me – Hi, I am laddu
N – So where do you work?
Me – I work in so and so company.
N – Why are you here?
Me – I met with an accident.
N – Oh. Ok
After some 10 minutes.
N – This doctor is taking so much time to check every patient. Btw what is your login id?
Me – It is axch….. arrr.. What do you mean by my login id?
N – Oh sorry. I mean what is your visiting number?
Me – 22
N – Oh mine is 24.
Me – ok

She wanted to ask me my visiting number but the first thing that came in her mind was the login id. Since the time I had this conversation with her I am wondering about the deep impact IT is making on our lives. May be the impact is much more on a techie then a human being. (Yes, sometimes I do wonder whether techies are human beings !!!!!)
Sometime back I heard this ad on radio. In this ad the teacher is asking the kid to make the sound of various animals.
Teacher – How does a cat speak?
Kid – meow-meow.
Teacher - How does a dog speak?
Kid – bow-bow
Teacher - How does a mouse speak?
Kid – click-click

Do I need to say anything more about this ad? Here are few pics and a video which I have collected from various sources and are self explanatory like the above mentioned ad.

I have read somewhere – Software engineers never die. They just go offline.
P.S – People this does not mean that if tomorrow I go offline you should consider me as dead.


Mehak said...

lol!! awesome yaar! this cracked me up...though, on a serious note, it makes me worry about you and other software engineers :P

BICKEY said...

after a long time have seen ur such interesting bolg..its really true for SE.

Sara said...

Interesting read....LOL for the s/w engineers!

bhavana said...

kahaan se churayi hai ?? :P

Jaspreet said...

lol..i can relate to it being an engg myself :P

Adesh Jain said...

good one yaar... :)