Wednesday, August 19, 2015

What if....

The other day some random, weird and may be useless thoughts crossed my mind and now they are kind of stuck in there. I am wondering if all these years we have been sold a big lie. I now have many What ifs in my mind without an answer to any of them.

What if there is no heaven and no hell? We have been told that if we do good then after death we will be send to heaven and if we do bad then we will go to hell. What if this concept is incorrect at the very core level. What if there is no heaven and hell. There are no specific set of parameters defined to determine the conditions to grant access to heaven or hell. How much good does one has to do to reserve a seat in heaven? How much bad does one has to do to be thrown in hell?

What if there is no God and no Devil? Need I say more?

What if there is no good and no bad? What is good and what is bad and how is it determined? Is it something that we perceive; is it all about perception. Something that is good for me can be bad for others and vice-versa. We live in the society where if 10 people start believing a rumour, it becomes a reality. Similarly, if 10 people start believing that something is good, it becomes good. It could be that all those 10 people were wrong and that good could actually be bad. How do we determine that something is good and something is bad? Isn't our perception about good and bad is society driven? If our perception matches with that of the society then we are in the safe zone. If not, then be prepared to travel to hell where you had already reserved a seat for yourself.

What if there is no karma? I always had my doubts over karma. How can one determine that when will karma show its effect on someone? How can one determine that when karma does show an effect on someone, that effect is proportional to the good/bad done by the one on who karma is showing its effect. When something bad happens to a grown up, how easily we say that it is due to his bad karma. When something bad happens to a child then it has to be due to his past life sins. Aren't we are taught that if we do bad then we will rot in hell. So one does something bad in his life, goes to hell and pays for his sin, takes birth again and again pays his tribute to karma. So on what parameters is it measured that how much does one has to pay in hell and how much does one has to pay in the next life. Confused I am.

What if there is no soul? What if it exists but is not immortal? Today the world's population has crossed 7 billion mark. Let's say in Palaeolithic era the population was somewhere around 4-5 million. So with the increase in population, there has to be an increase in the number of souls as well. From where are they coming? How many more souls are there? Is there a soul in other living things as well like animals and plants?

What if there is life after 7 deaths? It is said that we are born 7 times. What happens once we are dead for the 7th time? What happens to our soul which is immortal? How is it determined that we had been born that many number of times?

What if everything is figments of someone's imagination? What if it is not?

I know what you are thinking. Yes, minds a bit messed up. Am working on it. Although the progress has been sinfully low but will try to catch up soon.

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