Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Worse than dead..

So are you happy now?

Well you should be happy. You did whatever you wanted to do, no matter how cowardly it is.

Please stop it.

Yeah this is what you have been doing all this time. Making me shut up, but today I won’t shut my mouth. Also now you are no more capable enough to make me shut my mouth. So why did you do it?

You know why I did it.

Yes, but I want it to hear from you.

Please stop torturing me.

Are you aware of the circumstances of what you have done?

I never thought this would happen. I thought everything would be over soon. I had never though in the wildest of my dreams that I would land up here. This is scariest thing ever happened to me.

Well you never know what is there in store for you. I feel you deserve this.

Please stop it.

Nope, today I will not stop. You have to talk to me. You have been escaping from me your entire life but today you have closed all the doors for yourself. There is no escape now.

Ok. What do you want to know?

I have lots of questions but to start with, I want to know why did you do it?

As you know, she dumped me and I am out of my job. I have to support my parents and also a nubile sister. I was just not able to cope up with the pressure.

Bravo. So this is why you did it!! I am proud of you.

You always knew I am going to do this. I have been thinking about this from quite some time.

I thought you had dropped this idea the day your sister made you promise that you would never-ever do this in your life, not even think about it. You didn’t think about her also? Well you did not give a damn to your parents, forget sister.

So do you mean to say that I don’t care about my parents and sister?

Someone insane can also tell that you don’t care about anyone, but yourself. You are a sick, mean and selfish bastard. Didn’t you see how inconsolable your parents and sister were?

What is done is done. I guess I will have to live like this my entire life. Now I am not even capable of doing it again.

Yes, now you can do nothing but to wait for some miracle to happen. Didn’t you hear those doctors discussing amongst themselves? They said only a miracle can cure your paralysis. Earlier you were capable of doing lots of things but a coward you are, you lost all the hope in life and slit your wrist with a blade. Were you thinking that this would cure all you problems? Now look at yourself. Due to the excessive bleeding you had a stroke and your whole body had been paralyzed. You cannot even move a finger, not even talk to anyone. The only thing you can do is to talk with me – the other half of your brain who had always tried to tell you that it’s never too late for anything and you can still do and get whatever you want but you had never listened to me. I had always believed in you, always thought you can achieve something in life. But now you are not left with any other option. Now even I have lost all hope in you. Now you are worse than dead.


Mehak said...

first i thought perhaps it is god talking to him. :) And rather than 'other part of the brain' talking.. i think it is his heart coz it's the heart that usually believes in us in difficult circumstances..
nice read. :)

BICKEY said...

Nice Post Laddu..Innovative Idea.It took me 5 Minutes to understand this post.keep it up:)

nasha said...

i like!!

Quaintzy Patchez said...

Yes, nice read :) perfect heading XD

Anonymous said...

Nice writing. Theme-wise, I found it dumb.

megharana said...

quite a turn in the end i mean i was not able to get in the beginning wat it is about!!