Wednesday, November 3, 2010

What a rip off #2

I had travelled a lot in train during my college days. My train journeys were generally long and boring. But there had been quite a few incidences that had transformed my ordinary train journey into an extraordinary one. One of such incidents can be read here. And now I would like to talk about the other one which is amongst the top of all the (mis)adventures I had ever been into during my college days.

The semester exams coming to an end and there was excitement everywhere; excitement that the exams would be over soon and we would go home. Finally the day came when the exams got over and I boarded a train to Delhi. Dalla and Baba were also with me. Customarily, the first thing we did was to check out if there were any hot girls in our compartment. Not finding any, with a sheer disappointment we mentally prepared ourselves for another long, boring and a dull 40 hours journey; little knowing that this time the lady luck is on our side. After 5 minutes, two girls came and sat on the opposite seat.

One of them was wearing a green top and other one was in a red hot top and they both were in tracks. They seemed to be in late 20’s and were wearing a lot of makeup and were looking hot. We couldn’t believe our luck. Now we know that these 40 hours in train would not be long and boring. We didn’t make the first move and started talking to them immediately. Instead, to draw their attention towards us, we started talking to each other about stuffs like how cool our college is, how rocking our hostel life is and how good the city is and other random stuffs just as a show-off.

Our intention was pure and simple – draw their attention towards us. Although we were desperate to talk to them, we didn’t want to look like one so we waited for them to make the first move.

To our despair they didn’t initiate talking that whole day. Next day they wanted to get their cell phones charged so they spoke to us for the first time. One of them asked us if we can go to the ac compartment and get their phones charged. Now although I was desperate to talk to them, I was not ready to take the pain of going all the way to the ac compartment and wait there till their phones get charged. Dalla saw this as a huge opportunity to befriend them and went to the ac compartment and got their phones charged. Thanks to him, at least they started communicating with us. They asked us all about our college, hostel, home, exams, girlfriends and what not. In the mean time they demanded cool drinks from the pantry. This time it was baba’s turn to go and I was saved again but not for long. At the next station they demanded some magazine from the book stall on the railway platform and I had to go and get it for them. The made us work the entire day and none of us could say a simple ‘no’ to them.

At night I decided to go to bed a little early because I had to get down at 4 in morning. Dalla and baba were in train till noon so they decided to stay awake for some more time. As I was about to sleep, one of them said to me –

chick in the red hot top – your hostel and college sounds really exciting.
me – yup, it is an amazing place.
chick in the red hot top – are all engineering colleges exciting or it’s just yours?
me – I bet college and hostel life is rocking where ever you go and engineering is so cool. (Obviously I eliminated the part that engineering sucks during exams)
chick in the red hot top - is that so?? that’s why my son says that he wants to be an engineer.
chick in green top to the chick in the red hot top – yeah and my son wants to be in your son’s college just like he is now with your son in the same class. They are inseparable friends.
me – (with a little surprise and disappointment) oh so you both have a son.
chick in green top – yes I have only one son and she has one son and one daughter.
me – oh ok. so your son is in which standard? 1st ?
chick in green top – what!! our son’s are in 12th standard.
me – (wdf !! wdf!! ) WHAT !! you both have sons who are in 12th standard ? (wdf !! wdf!! )
chick in the red hot top – yeah we do. Why are you so surprised? Why can’t our sons be in 12th standard?
me – no, yes; I mean yeah of course your son can be in 12th standard, why can’t he be in 12th standard. He can definitely be in 12th standard. Once I was also in 12th standard. (I had no clue of what I was speaking) Ok I have to get up early tomorrow morning so I should better sleep now.

With this I ended the conversation with them. I was shocked and I didn’t know how to react. I looked at dalla and baba. Apparently they were listening to our conversation and were in the same state of shock and speechlessness as I was in and they also decided to sleep immediately.

I didn’t get sleep for a long time. All sorts of bad and weird thoughts were coming to my mind. Come to think of it; we were trying to flirt with two women who were having sons in 12th standard!! The first thing I decided to do on reaching home was to get my eyes tested. Something must be seriously wrong with my eyes as it couldn’t differentiate between a girl in her late 20’s and a woman who has a son in 12th standard. I just prayed that our actions had not made them suspicious that we were trying to flirt with them the entire day.

I started consoling myself by telling my mind that it’s not entirely my fault that I did such a thing. Their dress and makeup were equally guilty. I started wondering what all this fuss about makeup is. Makeup – its dictionary meaning is “Cosmetics applied to the face to improve or change your appearance”. But believe me, it’s much more then this. Makeup is something that completely transforms a girl into something we can never-ever imagine. It is some kind of layer that is coated on our eyes that makes us lose our power to see the real face behind that makeup and hence we are forced to live in some delusion. Makeup is one of the most powerful weapons ever invented on earth.

I don’t know for how long I was thinking stuffs like this. Finally I got sleep and woke up in morning. Those two ladies were still sleeping, I woke up dalla and baba and we all decided not to discuss about this accident and just forget everything considering it as one of the worst nightmares we’d ever had.


VIPUL said...

I dont think they were married. For a lady to have child in 12th standard, c mst look like 38-40.. U took them as in late 20's so its mst b that they were pranking u guys.. Am so sorry,, but it seems you got played..
Lesson: Always read passenger chart for your compartment, before boarding..

aloktherocker said...

Where is the 'like' button for Vipul's comment :P

laddu said...

@vipul,alok..i hate to think that we got played. yeah we should have checked the passengers chart..along with the name and sex, they should also mention the age of the passengers in the chart..:P:P

Quaintzy Patchez said...

they do mention the age in the passenger chart...

nice rip off tho.. read this in the morning only.. got distracted later, so couldn't comment. Tho quite seriously no way they would look like 20 somethings

Ramanathan Kannan said...

Loved Vipul's lesson. Makeup is one of the most powerful weapons ever invented on earth --- wah, wah, wah :)

megharana said...

seems it was a prank on u :) but if it was not it was seriously a (mis)adventure :)

Mehak said...

is this actually true?? lol
definitely a prank!!
keep blogging!

Kapila said...

Lessons learnt by laddu & his buddies:

1. Never under estimate the power of persuasion of a woman
2. Never assume a womans true age by the way she looks (14 year olds are looking 40 - 40 year olds are looking 14...thats the power of makeup)
3. Stop trying to look for love/companionship in trains with random strangers...if you wana flirt...who cares if they are 14 or 40? Flirt and forget...shaadi thodi karni hai yaar!

Prank or no was quite an amusing read